Research & Development, manufacturing
& technological consulting 

How can we help you?

Our company is specialized in research & development, mechanical design and technological consulting. Our engineers have unique experience in developing firearms projects. Based on your technical requirements we can offer you a bespoke design project as well as a project based on an existing technical solution. 

MECHANical design profesional consulting

Product management

Define and design new products that will help Your company get a market benefit while saving time and resources, build new products cost effectively, benefit from our team's vast experience in the firearms branch.

Research & development

Our team has successfully developed firearms manufacturing start-ups, designed and implemented innovative firearms products as well as consulted traditional firearms firms to modernize existing products.


Our engineers have the benefit of personal experience when it comes to firearms manufacturing and serial production implementation. 

Technological consulting

The most important choise can be done only once. It's hard to over rate the importance to  choose the optimal manufacturing technology it will define the manufacturing capabilities for the next generation.